KG Play Zone

Shraddha School's exclusive KG play area offers fun-filled outdoor activities with slides, see-saws and more, ensuring a safe and joyful learning environment for our Little Champs.

  • Merry-go-round

  • See-saw & other facilities

  • Supervised outdoor activities

Indoor Play Area

Safe and vibrant indoor play space where children delight in endless fun-filled adventures.

Play Ground

From our expansive green playgrounds to our innovative indoor play area, we are committed to nurturing a passion for sports and fostering the all round growth of our students.


The school provides a sandpit for students to engage in supervised play, fostering learning opportunities through hands-on activities.

  • Sandpit for playful learning

  • Supervised playtime for exploration

  • Teacher-guided sand activities

  • Integration of play and education

Hi-tech Laboratories

In our advanced Hi-tech Laboratories, Shraddhaites are immersed in a world of exploration and creativity, fostering an environment that nurtures their innate curiosity and unlocks endless possibilities for growth and innovation.

  • Math & Lang labs

  • Composite lab

  • Advanced exploration

  • Innovation cell


Our spacious, air-conditioned, and well-designed classrooms ensure a comfortable and focused learning environment for all students.

  • Interactive learning

  • Air-conditioned & well designed classrooms

  • Comfortable environment

  • Performing art studios


Reading is the cornerstone of knowledge and growth. With over 6500 books in our library, we nurture a lifelong passion for exploration and learning.

  • Joy of reading

  • Hub of knowledge

  • E-resources

  • Magazines & Journals

Day care

Our daycare offers a nurturing environment where children enjoy snacks, nap time, and engaging activities. With caring hands and dedicated staff, it's a happy place that fosters socio-emotional skills. A home away from home, we prioritize safety and comfort, ensuring each child feels secure and valued.

  • Socio-Emotional development

  • Nurturing environment

  • Safety & comfort

ICT Labs

SCA has state-of-the-art computer labs with the latest hardware and software. With optimized supportive infrastructure and a team of extremely competent staff, the school imparts computer education to students at junior, middle, and senior school levels to explore IT-enhanced learning programs.

  • Hi-speed internet connection

  • Application development

  • Programming skills

Doodle Area

A designated space where students can unleash their creativity through doodling, fostering artistic expression and relaxation within the school environment. It's a canvas for imagination, where ideas flow freely and inspire collaborative projects and individual exploration.

Security service

Our school's unwavering commitment to safety is reinforced by our diligent security service, bolstered by extensive CCTV surveillance. We prioritize the well-being of our students and staff, ensuring a secure environment for all.

  • Safe & Secure environment

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Safety measures


Our fully-equipped infirmary, staffed by a qualified nurse, is prepared to handle minor emergencies for students and staff, ensuring immediate and proficient care whenever needed.

  • Health and Hygiene

  • First aid

  • Fully equipped