Kindergarten - Shraddha Little Champs

We believe in an unhurried childhood and provide a loving environment that promotes a sense of joy, wonder, and reverence. The Early Years Program has a maximum of 30 children, with two teachers and one support staff facilitating each class.
The curriculum focuses on the following key areas:

Readiness activities provide a scope and sequence for everyday routines and practices. They help to develop motor control and coordination, independence, concentration, and a sense of responsibility.

All children have the innate ability to develop a language. Children learn language through engaging experiences such as storytelling, reciting rhymes, pretend-play, and discussions using picture cards. These activities enrich their vocabulary and phonemic awareness, setting the stage for them to read and write well later on. Through stories, they also learn how to use words to share their thoughts and feelings, making language a tool for connecting with others. Children are encouraged to express their ideas orally as well as in writing. They are engaged in age-appropriate and relevant activities that help them understand and appreciate the world.

Developing mathematical skills and spatial awareness is one of the most important skills to help children make sense of the world around them. Children learn to recognize shapes, sizes, positions, and the spaces that they are engaged in.
Our mornings commence with circle time sessions that are theme-based, offering significant opportunities for children to build self-awareness, confidence, and social interaction by learning to listen and share their thoughts and feelings. Classrooms are well-resourced with age-appropriate activities that are carefully tailored to the curriculum to support hands-on learning and exploration. Arts and Crafts, Music, Reading, Sand-play, Sensorial path, and Outdoor play are integrated to provide a diverse and exploratory learning experience. Celebrations, field trips, and carnivals are an integral part of the three-year learning journey, offering ample opportunities for creative expression and joyful experiences.

Weaving SEL into every day, our circle time activities, along with mindfulness activities, nurture children’s social and emotional learning, laying the foundation for their well-being and success in all areas. Children connect with themselves, their peers, and teachers. It helps them to develop social learning and friendships, regulates their emotional responses, respects and responds to the needs of others, and develops self-esteem and confidence.

All festivals are celebrated with great joy and fervor. Parents and grandparents are invited to participate in some of the festivities. Sports Carnival has children playing games in a carnival set-up. The aim is to create a fun atmosphere for children where they can employ their abilities of coordination, dexterity, and skills to play games at a pace comfortable to them. The school believes in a no-competition approach in Kindergarten where even sports are an opportunity to participate and work together. Turn-taking, patience, unhurried activities, the fulfillment and joy of completing a task, collaboration, and teamwork are skills that the children learn through these sports activities. There are no winners or losers, only very happy children. Based on the week’s theme/topic, short field trips are organized to places like the nearby supermarket, post office, fire station, and park for children to have experiential learning. An annual field trip is organized for each grade level to an age-appropriate destination. It provides concrete experiences for the children to explore and observe.
  • Nursery - Pre KG

    Ages 3+ years as of March 31st of the academic year.

  • Junior KG

    Ages 4+ years as of March 31st of the academic year.

  • Senior KG

    Ages 5+ years as of March 31st of the academic year.

Primary School Program

Primary education is an important phase in a child’s life as it lays the foundation for future learning. The Primary School Program focuses on nurturing young minds of the age group 5 to 10 years.

The Primary Program at Shraddha focuses on providing an excellent solid foundation in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science. Apart from developing sound learning habits, the program provides a healthy learning environment where each child learns at its own pace paving the way for an easy transition to the Middle School Program.

The initial five years of a child's life are pivotal for their growth and learning. The values and skills imparted through primary education form the foundation for all subsequent learning endeavors, be they formal or informal. The Primary School curriculum at Shraddha is meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive learning journey, emphasizing three key facets of education.

  • Academics: A strong foundation across varied disciplines is established by incorporating a diverse range of subjects, including languages, mathematical concepts, science, arts & crafts, and dance, music & theater.
  • Communication Skills: Emphasis is placed on the development of comprehension skills, listening skills, independent thinking skills, and self-expression through interactive activities and engaging discussions.
  • Character Development:Instilling moral values, civic sense, social learning, and fostering a positive attitude toward learning is achieved through interactive lessons, role-playing scenarios, and real-life examples.

Students at Shraddha are nurtured to cultivate conscientiousness and independence through guided activities that promote self-reflection and responsibility-taking. This is facilitated by encouraging them to assess the consequences of their actions, reflect on their decisions, and take ownership of their responsibilities within the learning environment. By fostering an atmosphere of support and guidance, students are empowered to develop essential life skills, ultimately contributing to their personal growth and development.

Middle School Program

The Middle School Program at Shraddha caters to students from Std VI to Std VIII, providing them with opportunities to expand upon the foundational knowledge acquired in the preceding years. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to be comprehensive and academically oriented, with a focus on fostering holistic development.

By implementing dynamic instructional strategies and providing ongoing support, teachers help students develop essential skills and competencies that will prepare them for future academic challenges and personal growth. Shraddha also provides responsive guidance and counselling initiatives, fostering socio-emotional development by nurturing a positive attitude and involving parents to effectively communicate these expectations. Through these initiatives, students are supported in understanding and managing their emotions, developing empathy and interpersonal skills, and building resilience to cope with challenges. By actively involving parents, we ensure a collaborative approach to supporting the socio-emotional well-being of students, creating a firm foundation for their overall growth and success.

High School Program

The High School Program at Shraddha is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the "real world." This program focuses on equipping each student with competence in core subjects, fostering independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and guiding them toward achieving their aspirations. By providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes mandatory subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Language Studies alongside opportunities to explore preferred subjects, we aim to nurture students who strive for excellence and refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Our approach to education acknowledges the importance of both content and skills development. At Shraddha, we are dedicated to preparing students for success in today's dynamic world through our holistic High School Program.

Group Group Combination
Science English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology
English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education
English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
Commerce English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics
English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science
English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Humanities English, Psychology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Sociology
English, Psychology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, History
English, Psychology, Economics, Legal Studies, History
English, Psychology, Economics, Legal Studies, Sociology