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Our Karate champion Lathika of Grade IX shines at the Golden Belt National Karate Competition in Pune winning big with 1st prize Gold in Kumite, 2nd prize in Kata, and another 1st prize in Kumite Normal. Hats off to Lathika for this incredible achievement!

Yalini. R of Class 6B at Shraddha Children’s Academy has achieved remarkable success in international karate competitions. She clinched multiple first-place victories in prestigious events like the e-karate veer championships in Mississauga, Canada, and the Toronto Open tournament. Yalini's exceptional performance also led to her promotion to the Brown-4 belt. Additionally, she secured top positions in other tournaments, showcasing her talent and dedication to the sport.

In gymnastics, Yalini. R excelled at both national and state levels, securing multiple first-place finishes. She participated in the CBSE National Gymnastics Championship and clinched victories in floor events at the state level organized by the Chennai District Gymnastics Association. She also secured third place in the CHUGJE’-South Korean Fetem inter-school group dance competition. Furthermore, she showcased her mental arithmetic skills in competitions organized by Ideal Play Abacus India Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, Yalini. R showcased her talent in dance through various intensive workshops and competitions conducted by Raack Academy of Dance.

Yalini, along with other young achievers, was invited by the Honorable Governor (H.G) of Tamil Nadu to attend a meet and greet event at the main building of Raj Bhavan on June 29, 2023.

Lekha Shree is the winner in the under 17 Buck Tournament Boxing conducted by YMCA Nandhanam.

A feather in our cap, “Ithalar Tea Party” – Akshath Jaganmohan, Novelist. Every child has the seed of a genius. It is very vital to bring to light this greatness. The three-fold secret to success is the role played by the individual, the family, and the society. The individual has the potential, the family helps to nurture it, and the society provides the opportunity and environment. Coming together of all these three has worked amazingly well for our young novelist – Akshath Jaganmohan of Std VIII A. Publishing a debut novel at 13 is no humble feat. We at Shraddha are proud of his achievement. We wish him success in all his ventures. May his books make it to the shelves of the bestsellers and win him name and fame in the literary circles.

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Akshath Jaganmohan

We are proud of Aajeesh S, who has received an award from the India Book of Record for identifying 112 international car brand names by seeing its logos in 1 min 44 sec at the young age of 5 years confirmed on March 13th, 2020.

State Level Art Competition 2020


Reading bestows learners with great power, especially when they aspire to write. It is, therefore, vital to cultivate good reading habits in children. At Shraddha, we start young by dedicating separate guided reading hours with this goal in mind: To develop a passion for reading in every child. We are so elated, and we congratulate Akshath Jaganmohan of Std VIII, who has a feather in his cap and is also a role model for students who wish to pen down their own stories. He participated in an online story-writing competition that was held in May 2020. The contest was organized by Readen, an organization that encourages and helps one to become an author. Akshath used the trying period of the lockdown to his advantage.

He won the First prize for his work -“Ithalar Tea Party”. It is a mystery based on the strategy of the historic Boston Tea Party. He was encouraged to elaborate on the plot and write a full-fledged novel. He has now completed writing the novel, which will be published soon.

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Truly, children have a different way of seeing things. ‘View of the Earth from Space’ was the topic given to students of class I – III. ISRO Cyberspace Competition – 2020 conducted an All-India Art competition on the topic mentioned above. Vrishan Somalinga of Grade I C participated and his work found a place among the top 11 – 500 impressive drawings.

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Meera Ranjan of class XI A is spearheading this challenge in India along with young leaders from all over the world. Looking forward to your support in this noble cause!

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Meera Ranjan

The enthusiastic write-ups/stories hold the interest and admiration of the reader. This is a pious attempt to make budding talent give shape to their young novelist minds. We affirm that their creativity and innovation will stir the minds of the readers and take them to a surreal world of unalloyed joy and pleasure. We wish them good luck in bringing excellence to their trove.

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Manikandan R