Teacher Enrichment

At Shraddha Children’s Academy, we prioritize the continuous growth and development of our teachers. Through regular enrichment and professional development sessions, we ensure our educators stay abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in education. These sessions cover diverse topics, including CBSE workshops, classroom management, technology integration, and student assessment.

Our aim is to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary for delivering exceptional education. As a progressive school committed to student-centric education, upskilling our teachers is paramount. We believe that investing in their development directly enhances the quality of education we offer at Shraddha Children’s Academy.

Teacher Enrichment Programs Conducted So Far...

  • ⦿Teacher orientation
  • ⦿Multiple intelligences
  • ⦿Setting a good question paper
  • ⦿Using graphic organisers for an effective classrooms
  • ⦿Micro teaching sessions
  • ⦿Financial literacy