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From the Principal’s Desk

Rebecca Mary Clement, M.A., B.Ed

Education should encourage every child to explore without fear of failing. For there are no failures, only lessons. The lessons are what a child learns and creates its own unique learning experience.

At Shraddha, we encourage the child to take the lead and move with determination on a journey beyond the world of books to people, environment, and the world at large. A world that is not limited by boundaries. Every child is allowed to explore with freedom. Exploration is motivated by curiosity. The teachers at Shraddha, Padur enkindle the curiosity of every child through questions. We encourage children to ask probing questions. For we believe exploration begins with a question.

‘Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground?' thought he to himself. Had Newton not questioned it, it would not have led him on the path of finding the laws of Gravity.

We know that children propelled by curiosity would enjoy learning. and would make Education a journey of discovering and exploring with a daring heart. This will not only help the child to seek answers but would also lead the child to discover his or her mission in life.

In my years of association with children and experience in the education field, I have understood one thing. In spite of children's tech savviness, media exposure and change of learning platforms, children are CHILDREN. They are loveable , likeable and teachable.

Let's together help them find their wings to soar!