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Why choose Shraddha Children's Academy, Padur for your child's future?

What makes us stand out?

Located in Padur, Shraddha Children's Academy is a child-friendly and child-centered CBSE educational institution. The school strives to promote a secular environment in which no one is discriminated against on the basis of caste, creed, religion, and gender. It promotes the values of respect, integrity, compassion, and responsibility and seeks to foster wellness. It is a great co-educational platform where students learn behavioural aspects. Our skilled teachers devote their time to imparting knowledge and wisdom to every child.

We are committed to delivering learning that

  • Values and embraces diversity and culture,
  • Empowers students regardless of their background or how they identify,
  • Encourages critical thinking toward social responsibility, and
  • Teaches respect towards others.

Teaching @Shraddha Children's Academy, Padur

Shraddha Children’s Academy, Padur, uses non – traditional and innovative teaching techniques such as digital learning, active involvement of students in various co-curricular activities, experiments that help them learn experiential learning, etc. Our goal is to help our students develop holistically in all aspects of their lives, including academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We strive to give our students a comprehensive educational experience that emphasizes the development of life skills that are essential for a child's competitiveness. Our curriculum instills a passion for learning, the ability to perceive and identify between right and wrong, and the ability to build on their innate talents while overcoming their flaws.

Our vision

Our goal is to create a school that takes a holistic approach to learning and engages students in the development of life skills in addition to the primary purpose of providing education.

Our purpose is to educate and empower every child in India, and to make them responsible citizens, by providing them with the fundamental skills that are needed to face the challenges of life that await them.

Highlights of our School

  • All classrooms meet and exceed CBSE norms with excellent furniture and teaching aids.
  • Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated, equipped with audiovisual equipment, allowing teachers to use digital tools to enhance the learning experience.
  • Professionally maintained playground for gaming, sports, and outdoor activities.
  • A state-of-the-art library with a comprehensive collection of books including Fiction, Non-fiction, Autobiographies, Science, Social sciences, Literature, and Language.
  • Transport facility on permitted bus routes along with an attendant who ensures the safe boarding and return of every student.
  • A green strip of trees along the periphery that shields the campus from the hustle and bustle of the main road.
  • A state-of-the-art cafeteria that serves healthy, fresh, and nutritious food to the students throughout the year.
  • A full-time counsellor who offers one-on-one counselling, orientations, seminars, and closely works with students to help them set their academic and personal goals.

Popular locations nearby Shraddha Children's Academy, Padur

The school has been meticulously planned and built in Padur, which is surrounded by the most popular localities of Chennai. Some of these notable locations nearby Shraddha Children’s Academy, Padur, include:

  • Kazhipattur - within 3 Kms
  • Chettinad Hospital - within 3.8 Kms
  • Kelambakkam Junction - within 4.6 Kms
  • SIPCOT - within 5.5 Kms
  • Navalur - within 5.6 Kms
  • Thazhambur - within 8.7 Kms
  • Cosmo City Pudupakkam - within 8.7 Kms
  • Kovalam - within 9 Kms
  • Thiruporur - within 11.2 Kms
  • DLF Semmancheri - within 12 Kms
  • Thaiyur - within 13.2 Kms

From early years to secondary school, Shraddha Children’s Academy, Padur, surely offers a premier, joyful, experiential learning environment. Join the school that will shape your child's future! For more information, visit or please contact 7305355660/044-27474044.