Kindergarten - Shraddha Little Champs

At the Kindergarten level, Shraddha provides children a joyful and secure environment to explore and discover .Being a Little Champ at Shraddha is an exciting time of self-discovery for every child.The experiential learning approach provided at Shraddha Little Champs helps children perceive the world around them through various learning activities both inside and outside the classrooms.

The curriculum at Shraddha Little Champs is designed to help young children excel in language and cognitive learning. It focuses on building and enhancing strong pre-reading skills, listening and communication skills, letter formation,   basic math concepts, along with acquiring an active interest in the world around.

Nursery - Pre KG

Age Group: 2.5 – 3.5 years

as on 31st March of the respective academic year.

Junior KG

Age Group: 3.5 – 4.5 years

as on 31st March of the respective academic year.

Senior KG

Age Group: 4.5 – 5.5 years

as on 31st March of the respective academic year.

Primary School Program

Primary education is an important phase in a  child’s life as it lays the foundation for future learning. The Primary School Program focuses on nurturing young minds of the age group 5 to 10 years.

The Primary Program at Shraddha CBSE School focuses on providing an excellent foundation in core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science. Apart from developing sound learning habits, the program provides a healthy learning environment where each child learns at its own pace paving the way for an easy transition to the Middle School Program.

The first five years of a child’s life is crucial to growth and learning. The values and skills that primary education instills serve as a base for all future learning-whether formal or informal. The primary school curriculum at Shraddha is designed for a complete learning experience and focuses on three main aspects of education.

  • Academics: A range of subjects comprising of languages, Mathematical concepts, Science, Art & Craft, Dance & Music to build a strong foundation across varied disciplines.
  • Communication skills:Development of comprehension skills, listening skills, independent thinking skills and self expression.
  • Character development:Instill Moral Values, Civic sense, Social learning and inculcate a positive attitude to learning.

Children are also encouraged to become more conscientious and independent by taking accountability for their actions.

Middle School Program

Middle School Program

The Middle School Program at Shraddha comprises Std VI to Std VIII. In the Middle School, students build on the foundation laid in the previous years. They pursue a common, comprehensive, academically-oriented curriculum, which prepares them for success in High School.

Shraddha CBSE School understands the challenges of middle school years as learners move from childhood to adolescence, a phase of significant transition in physical, intellectual and social aspects. Shraddha Middle School Program recognizes every learner’s diversity and provides professionally trained educators to ensure learners have equal opportunities to explore curricular, co- curricular and extra-curricular areas. It also offers responsive guidance and counseling programs, instills a positive attitude and involves parents to effectively convey these expectations.

Students are provided a plethora of opportunities for growth and are made to work in teams, perform different learning tasks online and offline and learn from different educational resources. Teachers mentor the students and encourage to participate in school activities in our Middle School Program.

Faculty assists students to develop critical thinking, solve practical life problems, exchange ideas, widen knowledge of local and global issues, engage in community debates and express innovative ideas and creativity through action. These activities help students to develop maturity, independence, awareness and confidence. Students also learn time management to balance academic and personal pursuits.

We at Shraddha, assure the parents that Middle School Program provides educational experiences to ensure that students are transformed to well-adjusted adults packed with 21st century skills.

High School Program

High School Program

High School Program is all about preparing our students for the “real world”.    The program equips each student to achieve competence in core subjects. The program creates independent thinkers, problem solvers and pathfinders.  It helps to actualize every student’s dream.  It opens new avenues of interesting career opportunities.

The smartest people working in education today understand that it is not a choice between content and skills; it’s not an either–or but it’s both.

High School Program at Shraddha helps students discover their strengths and explore career prospects that fulfill their passion. Students are taught not to settle for mediocracy and strive for excellence.

Although the curriculum consists of mandatory subjects like Mathematics, Science and Language Studies, the students are provided an opportunity to study their preferred subjects. Our faculty ensures that our students demonstrate flexibility, accountability, productivity, leadership, responsibility, social and cross-cultural skills within a culture of collaboration, discussion, and reflection, as part of the High School Program at Shraddha CBSE School.

Our pedagogy encourages activity-based learning to ingrain academic concepts and incorporates online competitions to give them a competitive edge. Various strategies are used to develop:

  • Effective communication in visual and written form
  • Information analysis
  • Being open to diverse perspectives
  • Understanding the global issues and implications of work

Our Experienced Faculty