Shraddha Children’s Academy

First Batch

Class X - ALL PASS

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. - Rabindranath Tagore



The management of Siddarth E & C Trust have long believed that each child is unique and has its own way of understanding and assimilating information. We believe that each child has to be taught at its own pace and whilst we may have a broad curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects, each child has to be taught to its strengths.

We aim to provide a comprehensive educational experience to children from Nursery to High School with a lot of importance in developing life skills that are critical for a child to be competitive. Our educational programme inspires in the students, the love for learning, ability to perceive and distinguish between right and wrong and to build on their inherent strengths and to overcome their weaknesses.

John Dewey, a pioneer in education once said “ Education is not preparation for life : Education is life itself.”

Sri. Naveen Velagapalli founded Siddarth Trust in the year 2008 with the sole objective of establishing educational institutions that make a difference to current system of education and for providing financial support to underprivileged children.

This vision of Sri Naveen Velagapalli took shape, with strong support from advisory council and other young dedicated members of Siddarth E & C Trust

Shraddha Childern Academy is an educational initiative of Siddarth Trust with the intention of fulfilling the goals of the founders..

Shraddha Children’s Academy Comprise of the following advisors


Shri. Naveen Gupta Velagapalli

Managing Trustee & School Managing Committee Member

Shri. Rajendran

Principal of Shraddha School


Shri. Kulasekaran

Advisor to Siddarth E & C Trust


Shri. M. Kalyanasundaram

School Managing Committee Member

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