Shraddha Children’s Academy

First Batch

Class X - ALL PASS

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. - Rabindranath Tagore


Instructions to Parents

Instructions to Parents – Primary Students

Parents are requested to adhere to the following for smooth functioning of the school :

  • All students are expected to be in school before the time given to them.
  • Reading of newspapers or novels or fictions should be inculcated in students.
  • If a student wants to take short leave due to ill health or unavoidable reasons, parents are requested to send the leave letter when the child comes back to school after the leave.
  • If a student wants to take any long leave due to unavoidable reasons, parents are requested to take prior permission from the principal of the school.
  • A student is generally not permitted to take leave either on the closing day of a term or on the opening day of a new term without prior permission from the principal of the school, failure of which will attract a fine of Rs.500 for any one such occasion.
  • School fee is payable at the beginning of each term. Parents can opt for making annual payment also.
  • Members of management will be available in school once a week, parents can come and meet them with prior permission.
  • Suggestions for the development of the school are always welcome from the parents.
  • Parents can withdraw their wards from the school anytime by giving six months notice or by paying one term fee in advance.
  • Open house will be conducted once a term to facilitate interaction between parents and teachers to discuss the progress of the children; hence parents are requested to come to school on the day scheduled for the same without fail.
  • Parents are to ensure that the students write their names, class and roll no. in all that belongs to them.
  • Instruct your ward to contact the School Office in case no one turns up to pick him/her after School hours.
  • Intimate the school immediately in case of any change of address, phone number or email id.

General Instructions to Parents of Kindergarten Children

Attire :
  • Clean sandals, well-groomed hair, nails trimmed
  • No watches, fancy pencil boxes, jewellery, toys.
  • Id cards must be worn to school everyday.

Bags and pouches :

  • 1 basket (open-type) with the following – spill proof water bottle, snacks box, 1 set of spare clothes (for emergency), cloth napkin and a spare diaper (for Pre-KG only).
  • Try to send only dry/healthy snacks as far as possible. Avoid sending packed food or junk.
  • School provides bubble top drinking water however you may still choose to send drinking water to school.

Leave policy/Letters & others:

  • All leave letters must be addressed to the Principal in an A4 size paper/letter pad paper.
  • If more than 3 days leave (due to illness) is availed, medical certificate must be submitted.
  • Work out holiday schedule after checking with the school calendar sent out as well as available on the school website.
  • If you don’t want the child to attend Games/Music, letter must be sent to the class teacher.
  • Children must be dropped at 8.50 am in school and picked up sharp at 12.00 (Pre-KG) and 12.30 pm for LKG/UKG.
  • In case of new drivers/ayahs/care takers, parent must introduce the new person to the class teacher, along with the letter.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom building at any cost during school hours.


  • Inform class teacher for change of home environment, any form of sickness, allergy etc.
  • 2 open houses will be organized every year (as scheduled in the calendar) to enable parents meet with the teachers and discuss the progress of the child.
  • 2 field trips in a year are scheduled to give exposure to the children. No birthday celebrations in school will be encouraged.
  • Parents are requested to desist from tipping helpers/ayahs.
  • Any change of address/phone number must be immediately communicated to the office/class teacher.
  • There is no extended day care facility in the school after the school hours.


  • FOR PRE-KG 9.00 AM TO 12.00 NOON
  • FOR LKG AND UKG 9.00 AM TO 12.30 NOON

Note :

  • Parents of kindergarten are allowed to remain in the classroom to help settle their child/ward for the first 3 days (18th June Wednesday to 20th June Friday).

Dress code for the kindergarten children for the year 2014/15.

Boys :
  • Cotton round / V-neck/ T- shirt (preferably short sleeves) or Cotton button shirt. Cotton shorts 1-inch above knee level.

Girls :

  • Cotton round / V-neck/ T- shirts (preferably short sleeves) or Cotton button shirt.
  • Cotton shorts 1-inch above knee level or divided skirt.

Footwear :

  • Sandals (with Velcro strap).
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