Shraddha Children’s Academy

First Batch

Class X - ALL PASS

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. - Rabindranath Tagore



Our School campus is designed in close consultation with the leading architect firm Eskay Design (Sri.Shivshankar) which has designed several landmarks in Chennai. They were the team behind the American International School in Taramani and several prominent landmarks in Chennai.

The school campus provides the size and types of spaces needed to effectively implement the educational programmes, and to comfortably accommodate students with full faculty. The school spans over more than an acre of land area with total built up area of over 50,000 sq ft and a playground area of more than 25,000 sq ft.

The various facilities provided are as follows :

Smart Classrooms

  • Some of the classrooms in the school will be designed as smart classrooms. Each classroom is fitted with the following:
    1. A Windows enabled PC/Laptop
    2. Internet Access
    3. Room Speakers
    4. LCD Projector
    5. Projector Screen
    6. Necessary educational software
    7. Interactive board
  • Smart classrooms provide a audio-visual experience for children that will improve the ability of the student to understand various concepts better.
  • Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and equipped with computer and audiovisual equipment, allowing the teachers to teach using a wide variety of media.
  • All classrooms meet and exceed CBSE norms of space per student with excellent furniture and teaching aids.

Large Well Planned Classrooms

Play Ground

  • Professionally maintained play ground for children to play football, and other field events.
  • Shraddha provides badminton court with synthetic flooring for both faculty and students.

Badminton Court


  • Shraddha has a strong emphasis on reading as a means for inculcating knowledge and as a recreational tool.
  • We intend to have a state of the art library with a comprehensive collection of books spanning across fiction, non-fiction, auto-biographies, science, social sciences, literature and language.
  • The library is computerized and provides internet facility to the students. The school library is divided into two segments, one segment for juniors and one segment for seniors.
  • Shraddha has a small garden where students can learn about plants, flowers and nature through experience under supervision of a teacher.

Gardening Area


  • Transport facility on permitted bus routes is available for the students. In each bus a teacher ensures the safe boarding and return of every student.
  • Apart from the driver, the students are accompanied by responsible school personnel so as to ensure safety.
  • The school provides sand pits and equipment for the students to play and enjoy in the sand. The teachers monitor the students while they are playing.

Sand Classroom

KG Play Area

  • The school has a separate play area equipped with slides, see-saw and other similar facilities. This primarily aimed at KG kids who can use the facility under supervision of the teachers.
  • A state-of-art cafeteria serves healthy, fresh and nutritious food to the students throughout the year. Breakfast, lunch, snacks like wraps, sandwiches, and refreshing juices are made available to the students.
  • The cafeteria will have a lively décor and will play popular music. Responsibility is not forgotten with fun. Littering is minimized and waste is properly managed.


School Counseling

  • A full time counselor offers one-to-one counseling, orientations, and seminars and closely works with students to set their academic and personal goals.

  • A proposed multi purpose hall can be used by school to conduct school events and functions
  • A reverse osmosis plant will be provided which ensures a continuous supply of safe drinking water for children.
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